Month: August 2012

CD Review: Filthy Lucre, 2012 EP, “Filthy Lucre”

“Filthy Lucre” 2012 EP by Filthy Lucre. Rating 4 out of 5 stars.

As the name suggests, this album is “Filthy Lucre” and so is the band.

This two piece outfit consists of Ed Noble on drums and percussion and Luke Marsh on vocals and guitar. I’m guessing Ed is the “Filthy” and front man Luke is the “Lucre”

Inevitably comparisons will be made with The Black Keys and The White Stripes, and why not. A drummer, a vocalist/guitarist delivering heavy distorted blues riffs, and distorted wailing vocals. I’m no expert in this genre, but I have listened to a few Keys and Stripes albums, and to this reviewer “Filthy Lucre” is every bit as good as their American benchmarks.

The CD is only 5 tracks, but each song is full of power and raw emotion. If I had to name a highlight it would be “Take it Slow”. It is the most restrained song on the album, dipping into delta blues, early Led Zeppelin and with acoustic backing and some harmonies in places it delivers a subtle counterpoint to the other four tracks, which are strong in their own right.

Look up the band and have a listen – it’s great stuff!