Colour Wheel

“Junkyard Resurrection” by Colour Wheel (1994)

Rating 5 out of 5 Stars

Genre: Alternative Indi Jangly Guitar Pop

This Album is something of a time warp for me. In 1989 I formed a band with my friend Bruce. We wore paisley shirts and wrote our own songs, but for inspiration we looked to bands like The Stone Roses, The Wonder Stuff, The Smithereens, and REM (before they were monster famous). By 1992 I had retired from music and focussed on other things.

It seems that this was an approximate point of serendipity as Colour Wheel was in its gestation period; listening to the same bands, drawing similar inspiration, writing and singing songs in the same genre, and, from what I hear on this CD, doing it much better than I ever did.

Twenty years on and the point of serendipity approximates infinity once more. Here I sit, listening to what I might have been and being asked to pass judgement on this work from 20 years ago.

And what is my judgement?

I love this album, although I am hardly an impartial listener. This is music of an era in my life that is now a retrospective. Those who enjoy music from the “Madchester” era of British Pop will love this album because it is a perfect time capsule from those years. With some o f the tracks it would be easy to believe you were listening to recently unearthed new recordings from The Stone Roses and The WonderStuff.

It is professionally mixed and of a quality that makes it indistinguishable from major label releases of the time.

Information about the band was hard to find. Reverbnation provides some limited information and there are a small number of liner notes in the CD, but I did find out a few basics (Note – I understand a lengthy Promo Pack was submitted for review with the CD but unfortunately it has gone astray. Apologies to the band for this, I really would have liked to have read it).

Colour Wheel formed in 1991 and released “Junkyard Resurrection” in 1994. The Album was recorded at Adelaide’s Big Sound Studios in 1993 and engineered around the same time. It was subsequently digitally re-edited in 2013. The band was (and I assume still is) Bruce Campbell (drums), James Bosworth (bass) Tom Conley (guitar) and Tim Hudspith (guitar and vocals).

The band subsequently released three more albums, the last as recent as 2012, and they still play the occasional show. I hope they continue to play until their wheel stops spinning, as one day it sadly will. It did for me in the early 1990’s, but this CD takes me back.

Thanks Colour Wheel; Bruce would have loved this, as I did.