She Said You

CD Review – She Said You 2011 EP “Faces”

“Faces is a five track EP from Adelaide based Alt Pop band “She Said You”. The band is a three piece, citing its members as Greg Horan (Vocals/Guitar), David Peter Britvec (Guitar) and Simon Marafioti (Drums). On this release Nathan Bills is credited as contributing bass guitar, but not as a member of the band.

According to the bands website all of the songs on the EP were recorded live. The songs are unspoiled by excessive overdubs and post production overlays and the performance is polished, crisp and lively. If what you hear on this EP is reproduced at live shows then this is indeed a band worth seeing.

Although the band cites The Doors, the Dave Matthews Band and Pink Floyd as its influences, this influence doesn’t translate to imitation. The songs on “Faces” are all 3 minute pop songs (give or take a few seconds) and are a long way from the sound created by the Doors and Pink Floyd of the 60’s and 70’s. This is a much more contemporary Alt Pop style in both the tone and structure of the songs.

The tunes are infectious and well structured. The guitar separation and interplay serves the songs, dishes up some juicy tones, and the sparing use of vocal harmony is timely and effective.

But when it comes down to it the whole point of a song is the singing, and in this area “She Said You” stands apart. Greg Horan has a silky voice which is perfectly suited to this genre. Greg hits the highs, scrapes the lows, and holds the mid-range melody perfectly on this collection of songs. For me, the highlight of the EP is the second track “Lights” which is catchy, melodic, upbeat, and pretty well sums up everything I have come to like about this band.

“She Said You” write and structure mature pop songs, handle their instruments like seasoned professionals, and have a singer who at least matches the top bands you hear on the radio and TV. This band should make an impact if they can find a niche, get the marketing right, and devote their lives to it. Or, they could just entertain lucky Adelaide audiences for ever. Check them out, live and on CD.