Single Review: “Circles” by Squeaker

Genre: Adult Rock

Reviewed by Phil Catley
5 Stars out of 5

It’s a few years since I reviewed Squeaker’s “Fly Baby Fly” album, but I remember enjoying the week or so it spent on rotation in the car CD. When their new single “Circles” came up for review I was keen to hear how the band had progressed over the years, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Capturing the essence of the bands live sound, “Circles” is a mature rock song showcasing a band that is clearly at-ease with itself. Vocalist Georgii continues to deliver silky smooth vocals over the simple guitar/bass/drum backing that employs just enough additional effects and production without being over-engineered.

This is an infectious and enjoyable song about relationships that creeps up and grabs your attention, without resorting to obvious catchy hooks or repetitive riffs.




CD Review – Squeaker 2011 CD “Fly Baby Fly”

Genre: Pop, Electronica Re-Inforced Rock

Squeaker is a pop/rock outfit known around town for its strong live performances and full stage sound s which enhanced by pre-programmed loops and effects. “Fly Baby Fly” is Squeaker’s first CD and it seeks to capture the essence of the band live work. Considering the lone guitar is the only melodic instrument, the sound is very full for a four piece band. The electronica fills out the sound nicely.

“Fly Baby Fly” comprises six songs which deliver a cross section of the style of music served up by Squeaker. For those unfamiliar with the band, you could loosely put them in the Rogue Traders / No Doubt section of your CD collection (or MP3 files). Of course it’s never that simple, but that gives you a feel for the genre.

The opener “Falling For You” builds upon a Kylie-esque intro loop to create a solid rock song with driving heavy guitars interspersed with a subtle piano riff. “Good Times” also builds upon an intro loop, but remains closer to its electronic-pop origins. This is more of a club dance song, exploring little variation throughout. “Groove Down” kicks out the rock a bit more and explores more changes of pace than the opening two tracks. “Bigger than you & me”, Out of this place” and “You’re a Star” round out the CD.

“Fly Baby Fly” is for those who have enjoyed the band live and want to add the memories to their collection. It’s also for those who like machine steady beats, proficient guitar work and solid club-oriented-rock. Overall the guitar work is impressive and varied, the drums and bass solid and the vocals sit comfortably in the mix. The engineering is professional enough for this release to hold its own on a station playlist with other name bands that play this musical genre.

This CD isn’t adventurous and it doesn’t break any new ground, but it does capture the essence of Squeakers impressive live sound, and that’s a fair enough place to start the band’s recording career.